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2.25 diesel or petrol? What do you prefer and why?

Personally, the diesel. Though its slow, noisy, smelly....:D I am a diesel fan and therefore biased...

The 2.25 petrol though, that's the same block as the diesel, and therefore pretty much bombproof. That being said, I have seen both petrol and diesel engines throw a leg out of bed.

Arrrggghhh... I like em both! (but would choose diesel over petrol) Does that make sense?
Depends what you want to do.

Diesel is the best for crawling around at a slow pace in low box, also its the one to have of you want to get wet.

Tho the peterol is far better on the road, and for faster driving off road.

As Big Sandy says they are both pretty bomb proof and easy to repair.

But, and Im gonna get shot for saying this I know, but they are both pretty crap engines, when you consider all the other more modern possibilities there are that can be put into a landy, with both better power and economy.

The little 2286cc engines are very archaic now, the design goes back to the late 50's early sixties.

But I guess their archaic design, does mean they are somewhat less complicated and therefore easeier to fix, especially if you re out in the field, or on expedtion.

Having said that, I cant see a landy lump ever competing with a VW engine for reliability or quality. Thats perhaps a little unfair a comparison.

Personally I have the deisel version, and it has never let me down yet, and it is more fuel efficient than its petrol brother.

So I guess my vote goes to the diesel.
Personally I have the deisel version, and it has never let me down yet, and it is more fuel efficient than its petrol brother.

:eek: Dangerous thing to say. Hope it didnt hear you...

Lightweight is right about the archaic design.... But then the whole series Landy is pretty archiac isnt it? One of the reasons we love them. (there, I said it.)
The 5 brg engines are stronger, but still the same basic design. If it works.....:)
What can I say I like to live dangerously :D :D

Not trying to knock the series 2286cc or put off someone fitting one, just pointing out that by todays standards, its a little pants. Good way to learn you way round the basics of an engine tho. And I shan't be swapping mine for a more modern one, may aswell just sell the series and buy a defender. Doesnt mean that you shouldnt swap it for a decent lump tho, Im just too lazy, and dont use it enough to warrent the expence.
Interesting responses so far....

I put this post in another landrover forum (just found this site yesterday, and seems very good!) pretty much everyone said petrol is better.

I like petrol but for three reasons:

1) I had a diesel before and it was awful, but the whole vehicle was so can't really comment or base judgement on such a bad vehicle (First landrover, no idea what was a 'good one')

2) I don't really know much about diesel compared to petrol engines but ignorance shouldn't be an influence.

3) I have a good petrol landrover and it's been a peach.

To shed some light. I want to get a landrover to keep for life, first start is a galvanised chassis. Second, engines. Now I love the old engines transmissions because they're simple, cheap ( just look at the price of spares, makes me smile everytime I look) and well bullet proof. No horrible electrics ecu, mfa sensors or any crap like that. You can leave them standing for an age and will still start.

I can't use the above petrol loving reasons as a basis to choose between a petrol or diesel engine - so I thought I'd ask the experts (that's where you all come in! :) ) I'll want to eventually use it to travel around a bit, 2,3 weeks exploring at a time. Scotland (I'm down south!) Iceland, Russia, Africa etc. You get the idea. If I got a diesel I would probably run it on a mixture of diesel, chip fat (once I got round to another tank, fuel heaters etc. that would take a while but time isn't a problem) If petrol, then I would put a LPG tank in it. So that's the background. Thanks for your help so far and I'm interested to hear what you all have to say!

I think if you do intend to go so far as africa, diesel would be a good choice. Diesle would be easier to get hold of that decent quality pertrol.

Yes I know that landy 2286 cc pertols are designed to run on poor quality fuel, but why have it running like a dog with poor fuel when you could just drive a diesel. Also diesel would be significantly cheaper to fuel on such a long treck. Less likely to burn in an accident or fire too!

Try a good diesel powered landy!
The 2.25 diesel is commonly concidered a very poor engine. and people haven't stopped adding to the fire. in truth when the engine was new in 1961 it must have been a fantastic engine. The series 2 became the series 2A to mark its introduction. With Recardo patented pre-combustion chambers it performed very well. For its intended use, in poor off road conditions it is far better than the petrol engine. It produces good amounts of torque a low RPM, burns fuel at a sensible rate and isnt fussy on fuel quality or how damp it gets.
I dont like petrol engines that much anyway, they waste far to much energy, waste to much heat and the fuel consumption is major.
Fuel comsumptsion on the diesel is far better than the petrol engine, that drinks as much as the V8. i like the 2 1/4 engine and has proven itself very reliable when I've needed it most. -40 in Kazan, running on a mixture of diesel and petrol to stop waxing.
Waxing is when diesel gets so cold it starts to solidify, thus clogging up the fuel lines and filter. Modern diesel does have good additives that stop this, but at temps of -40 even these dont work too well so you still get waxing accuring. It used to be a big problem years ago.
Just to add, I would go with the diesel because it is better suited to the landrover , in that it gives you greater scope of use, ie when low down torque is needed it is there, and it doesnt mind water. Bit of a ****** if you were on a shallow river crossing in the middle of nowhere, and you petrol lump got wet and stalled. Dont think you could call out the AA to help. no probs with diesel.
Petrol all the way :D

Found the bottom end torque more than sufficeint for off road work. It then also has the power to overcome the more tricky bits where as a diesel sounds like it will explode if you rev it above 3.5K

With simple precaution (10 mins with a rubber glove and some duct tape) It'll happly go through deep water without a problem.

The engine i feel is more responsive and is far more controllable off road. economy of 25 to the gallon is heard of out of them whilst on a run, mine personal does 22.
I can do an 11 hour trip in mine and get out walk about still have my hearing. Something when i did a similar trip in a diesel it took me a few hours to loose the ringing.
as much as the diesel has the economy card that isn't much when you can LPG a petrol.

Now if you had asked TDI vs 2.25 petrol then i would say diesel.
I would head towards a diesel myself...Would consider fitting a 2.5 from a defender maybe.

I get an average of 26mpg from the 5brg diesel I have, thats got 136000 miles on it. Plus overdrive. We used to get 23 from the IIa with the 3brg diesel in, no overdrve in that one.

Yes, its an old design of engine...but as Tony says, it was at the front of its field when it came out... (though the early 2 litre ones werent reckoned to be much cop.) Hmmm... I also know somebody who has buried one in a filed...but thats different!
How easy is it to work on the diesel engines? Bear in mind as you've mostly all said diesel, you will be getting a lot of questions at some point in the future!:D
petrol! but there again, I'm a bit of a petrolhead. It's easy to tune up a petrol and make it a bit more fun. I found the 2.5NA diesel to be asthmatic and underpowered when compared to a 2.25 petrol. Hate to thing what a 2.25 diesel would be like.
it would be petrol, a lot more civilised and not much worse mpg.
I had a 2.5 sherpa in a series once and it was quite good but the 2.25's i have been in were awful and i would have only used them as a boat anchor:D
it would be petrol, a lot more civilised and not much worse mpg.
I had a 2.5 sherpa in a series once and it was quite good but the 2.25's i have been in were awful and i would have only used them as a boat anchor:D

I've no experience with the 2.25 petrol,but I was under the impression that they did about 17mpg,which doesn't compare all that well with the 27mpg you'd get from a diesel.
I like my 2.25 diesel engine,yes it's a relic from the 50's,but that's what gives the Series Landy it's charm.:)
I am a petrol head

But a lower powerd v8 might be just the trick if you will be gassing it

Hot Plugs, where they on the 2.25 or the 2.5? i cant remember but they are on the Derv and do fall out trashing the engine

my personnal expericne of the 2.25 diesel was very pleseant, not great under acceleration but when it gets going it could haul our unladen 109 along with overdrive and 7.50s at 65mph

if your going to fit a 2.25 you might as well fit a 2.5 though.

the petrol lump i can't comment on other than i saw The Colonels 109 recent and compared to my diesel 107, his 109 was whisper quiet.
Petrol engines are inefficient and unreliable in hostile conditions. If your travelling overland you'd be crazy to choose a petrol engine.
Diesel fuel is easier to source, and safer to carry.
As for performance, Petrol engines don't like water or working in the damp, need I say more.
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