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How Do I? 2.5 petrol

It'll fit straight into the SIII with few alterations. You may need to use your 2.25's mounting brackets and thermostat housing top cone (for the rad hose), and the heater matrix hoses will be different, with no heater control valve at the front and the return probably going to the front, but you may be able to transfer the SIII parts over to the 2.5 if the threads match. Remember to swap the clutch friction plate to match the gearbox splines. The 2.5 pressure plate is fine.
Would it be easyer to buy a new series clutch kit or wont that all fit?? also have noticed that there is no fuel pump on the block will i have to get an electronic one to fuel it or not... is the exhaust the same or should i say can i use the series on or will it lose compression??
The exhaust should be fine. I'm not sure if the 2.25 and 2.5 pressure plates are interchangeable, so I'd get the friction plate and release bearing and the 2.5 pressure plate. The fuel pump should be the same as the SIII's, so just transfer it.
picked up the engine today with the help of ada11crew. few things missing. one is the crank pulley as the bloke had to use it for the power steering on the other engine,so will i have to get another or will the 2.25 one fit?? plus there is no fuel pump as it was in the tank. so do i have to just remove the plate and fit the series111 one?????? so many questions
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