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How Do I? 2" Lift on mod S3


In Fourth Gear
Hi, I was thinking of changing my current suspension system to a 2" lift system. Say I change the suspensions, do I have to change the propeller shaft? If so, do you find one off the shelf or you need to machine one at an engineering garage?

When I lifted mine I found a few problems with the prop shaft binding on the chassis and there is a little vibration at 50mph+ (enough to make the cd skip and women smile).

However as mine was an FFR truck it was already quite high. Depends if yours is standard hight already!

Do a search on parabolics and you should get some good info.. Snaggers rebuild also has some very good info about suspension mods on his series III
Rob isn't yours the modified s3 with 300tdi and converted to coils? If so it shouldn't be a problem, change coils and shocks and bumpstops, or fit spacers.

Be carefull though before you mess about with the suspension, make sure the conversion has been made good and not a mess of a job.
Conversion seems it was done in quite a good manner. So, If I install the lift kit, the prop shaft shouldn't give me any problems is it?
Well in that case, a 2" lift shouldn't cause any problems to the shafts, but do you really need the lift? Don't cause extra strain on the shafts and on the driving gear for nothing mate
I was thinking about doing this on my S3 coiler as the big tyres touch the grafted on spats. From what I can work out, the front propshaft would come closest to touching but I'm not sure. If you do this could you keep us up to date?
Are you going to use longer springs or spacers? Longer shocks or drop the anchor points? What about the brake hoses as well?
I was thinking of installing longer springs and Procomp shocks.

2" lift isn't quite necessary but gives that look on a landy, that make them love them much more then u do :rolleyes:
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