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2001 TD5 - Transmission Temperature Light

Unhappy Disco

Irritating problem, can't work out if it IS a problem or just an electrical glitch.

Whenever I tow a horsebox (1 horse only) the Transmission Temp Light comes on. Last night it took me an hour to get a few miles as I had to stop frequently (when the light came on) and switch off for about 20 minutes until the damn thing went out.

Arrived home, unhitched.....20 mins later drove to work with no problems whatsoever. Car is not overloaded and transmission oil was changed at last service (approx 8k ago) ...no smell of burning, oil looks fine and plenty of it

Anyone had anything similar ?
This "problem" has been posted before. I don't think there is anything wrong with the box and you need to read the manual, which gives some advice about towing heavy loads with an auto box. It is an auto box, isn't it?
I had a simlar problem with my auto disco first off mine had a blocked oil cooler fines needed washed out
Then the censor was faulty which is quite common
I tow a 1.5 ton caravan with mine I went down to Newquey last year no problems then the switch started playing up
My dealer (who didn't appear to know much, admittedly) said that if I was towing I should use 3 not D. Presumably, that would reduce the heating of the ATF as the torque converter wouldn't have to work as hard. Not that I know that much...
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