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2004 disco 2 engine management light always on


In Second Gear
Hi guys wondering if anyone has a clue what is going on with my Engine management light being on?
I live and work in Nigeria so as you can imagine getting anything serviced out here can be a bit of a drama.
My Discovery is a V8 and has done about 17000km mainly in town driving. The management light has now come on so i took it to the local Landrover dealer (Not very good i should add) who put it on the diagnostic machine and came up with the following faults.

Evaporative control system fault
Catalyst damaging misfire cyl 4
" " " cyl 8
" " " cyl 5
Mixture adaption factor for bank 1
Emission relevant misfire cyl 5
" " " Multiple cyl's

All very worrying as you can imagine.
They seen to manage to clear the problem when it leaves the garage, but the problem is back within a matter of hours.

Is it possible my vehicle is fitted with a catalytic converter and this is what is causing the problem as here in Nigeria there is no such thing as unleaded petrol.
If so is this causing engine damage?

All help greatly appreciated.

Hi Steve,
I am a new member and have a similar problem with an earlier disco 2, however I have dutifully always run it on premium unleaded petrol in addition to LPG, which seems to be better than petrol for my V8.
The engine automatically runs initially on petrol for about 3 minutes before it changes to LPG. During this time I experience lumpy tickover, flat spot accelleration, backfires and when the engine has warmed up and you are driving at constant speed, it seems to be hunting or kangerooing and not running smoothly unless you are accellerating or exceeding 3000rpm.
I think your problem could derrive from not running on unleaded petrol which has damaged your lambda sensors.
Carbuerettors were much less of a problem and cheaper to fix!
Is there anyone out there that can help Steve or myself?

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