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How Do I? 200tdi camshaft question


Accelerating Away
Hi Folks,
Had a bit of a trauma with the newly transplanted tdi. The camshaft appears to have seized, stripping the cam belt and the camshaft sprocket along with the associated damage to pushrods, rockers, adjusters etc.
Having repaired the head components, I got round to removing the cam. My question is...what is supposed to stop the cam from going too far back into the block? I can push the cam too far back, and it looks like the only thing stopping this happening before I stripped it was the camshaft sprocket - hence the destruction I guess. Any ideas?
Have you got the cam out? Cams usually seize because an oil way has blocked or the bearing/bush has spun a bit and closed off the feed hole. One journal should have picked up.

I haven't got a 200 manual to hand, but cams have a locating plate or collar of some sort. Either a groove in the cam that a plate fits into or a sunken bearing with a cap, then the pulley.

If no one comes up with a picture of the cam or can tell you exactly what locates it, I'll see if I can find one.

I have a Manual, I forgot.

Here is the block and cam.

Part 46 is the location plate.



  • 200tdi block and cam.pdf
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