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200tdi disco LOSS OF POWER


In Second Gear
just joined the forum having just discovered it . having problems solving fault on my sons disco 200tdi
he drove it from colchester to wales and experienced loss of power
i have cleaned the sedementer and replaced the fuel filter checked all fuel pipes for leaks there is no white smoke and there does not appear to be a problem with the head gasket have removed the fuel lift pump for inspection and it appears to work ok i am a little afraid to fiddle with the injector pump and dont realy know where to look for the diaphram

can anyone help PLEASE :D
Hello and welcome...

Loss of power while driving, ie wont accelerate,stutters, or just more sluggish than normal???

Check the turbo pipes from the Turbo to the Intercooler and engine, make sure they haven't split or come off. If it were the intake side, it would Black smoke.

If it seems like air in the system, check the pipes where they go over the tank, they corrode.

Remove the hose from the intercooler to inlet manifold and check inside to se that it hasn't de-laminated.

At this stage I wouldn't be looking at touching the injection pump.

Have had similar problems twice with my disco TDi. First was the wire harness - needed to be replaced with modified part. and second time was fuel pump. On both occassions, engine started off sluggish - enventually giving up ghost to RAC and home recovery. Worth checking these.
Hang on, What about the Panhard Rod? You are the Foremost Expert on the slack nuts and worn holes....;)



That i am....

In fact here is one that i have had in my lounge for the last 6 months, just to study it and become an expert on it :D



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Thanks for the tips all
Have checked turbo pipes -seem ok and there does not appear to be any air in the fuel
but on driving into my garage up an incline there was no power at all but engine idles ok

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