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200tdi engine temperatures in sub-zero weather


Hi. I think my 200tdi is operating normally but a mechanic thought perhaps my thermostat was faulty so I'm posting this question.

I live in Ontario, Canada, and the weather here is currently a snappy -6C. In this sort of weather the engine will NEVER warm up, no matter how long I idle it. At 60mph (indicated) it might eventually get up to 1/4 on the gauge after 20 or so minutes of driving. At 70mph it will sometimes get over 1/4.

This seems normal to me, given what other people have said about these vehicles and engines. This mechanic seemed to think the truck should be warming up faster; however, he also thinks it's a Land Cruiser no matter how many times I tell him otherwise :rolleyes:.

I've fabricated a radiator muff and completely closed it this morning. The vehicle came close to overheating after a while on the road, so that definitely makes a difference. Mostly though, I just wear a hat and deal with the cold. I installed heated seats from a Saab a month or so ago but haven't hooked up the heater elements yet.

- Andrew.
Id say that was normal if when you blocked off the rad and the temp got up high. Maybe make a muff so you can open it 1/2 way when the engine warms up, its not really great to run on cold all the time.
Theres a thread on here from Geobloke who made himself a muff last year (or was it the year before?:D). I just tend to shove a feed bag infront of the rad when its really cold and fold it in half when the temp warms up myself! I'll see if I can dig out the thread for you.

Cheers, Ben

Edit: Here you go fella https://www.lrukforums.com/showthread.php?t=46768
Hey. Thanks for the link. My radiator cover is not that nice, but yes I can roll it up or down as needed. For the first couple weeks I had it too open and it didn't seem to make any difference. This morning I tried it fully closed for the first time and I think it's a little too aggressive like that.

I just uses a rubber floor mat and zip ties. I'll probably buy a real one from www.roversnorth.com when I'm placing an order from them anyway. They're the cheapest place in North America I've found with one. US$50 IIRC.

My question was really more about how long it takes to warm up at lower RPMs. I presume it's normal for the engine to not warm up at all on idling at these ambient temperatures, but since someone else disagreed with me, I figured I should ask about it.

Thanks again,
- Andrew.
No, it wouldn't warm up at idle. And it wouldnt warm up much in those temps either when your travelling! For every 10mph you go you can take 2 deg C off the temp, so its -6 out and your travelling at 30mph then its equivilent to -12!
Another thing to do is to check your viscous unit on your fan isn't siezed up. You should be able to stop the fan when the engines cold but it will lock up at hotter temps to cool the engine. If its siezed then it will be locked all the time so chucking lots of cold air over the engine from start up.

Cheers, Ben
Thanks, that's what I figured. Actually with the radiator muff off, at 70mph my engine is turning over fast enough and generating enough heat that it does heat up fairly quickly (10 minutes or so). At 60mph it will eventually heat up some but not as much.

That will probably change once I change out my transfer case for one from a Discovery. Maybe I'll wait until spring before I do that :)

It's a good idea to check the fan though. I hadn't done that but will do so as soon as I get my truck back from the mechanic (another issue, another post).

- Andrew.
do this with the engine off mind ;) I've heard of some planks putting sticks in the fan expecting it to stop...usually followed by lot's of little bits of wood and sharp yellow plastic :D:D
Even in balmy English temperatures my 200 cools down visibly when I hit a traffic jam, and that's with no fan but usually with the heater fan on full. I have to turn that off after a few minutes stationary.
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