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3.5 engine swap


Shifting Up
when doing a 3.5 landy v8 into a series three does it matter if the engine is carbs or efi? is there any thing extra that must be done if it is efi?
Yes it does matter by a huge degree! The EFi stands for Electronic Fuel injection.... which means computers! ;) They can be fitted, but are nowhere near as straight forward as the carbed engine, and they produce more power too.... and that isn't exactly a good thing on a Series with a tired and aging transmission.
If you get the electrical harness and the ECU with the engine, you can just plug it all back together and find a power source for the ECU. I have never done it meself but I know a bloke who did (but in a 110) and he is no rocket scientist! I will ask him when I see him tomorrow night at the pub!
I may do something similar with a different project. 3.9 EFI engines are a dime a dozen over here in the USA- we never got any Carbed 3.5s though. So my initial thought was to get a Dual SU intake and convert a 3.9 to carbs, possibly with a US Holley Truck Avenger carb. I've heard that the Cam should be changed out when you convert an engine from EFI to carb- I don't know if that is true.

Swapping then engine over WITH EFI would be a pretty cool swap, I know ti can be done with a Megasquirt system, probably with the stock system. There are days when I'd prefer EFI- and others when I really appreciate the simplicity of carbs... I dont know which route I'll go.

Having said all this I plan to do this in a 109 and will have Uprated axles and at least a LT95. The Series Gearbox is considered ok to -+ 120HP over here, if you exceed that you may need to take it easy with the skinny pedal! A EFI 3.9 is ~180 HP:eek: ...
well the guy from ebay fell through on the 3.5 i was going to get and i wont have time now for the local guy to get the 3.5 out of the landy its in before my packout =( so no 3.5 for me before i head back to the states.
well you can get a 3.9 or 4.0 over here from a wrecked RR or Disco easily enough. Even a 215 Buick if you want a 3.5l engine.
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