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How Do I? 300 Tdi Rebuild... Is it supposed to be this tight??!


Accelerating Away
Cylinder block and crankshaft all prepared for my budget Discovery project...

Fitted the crank in new shells, torqued up and the crank spins smoothly in the block..

Fitted the new pistons to the con rods and then inserted in the bores. Nice snug fit as I would expect from new rings.

Problem is by the time I've got all four pistons fitted I can't turn the engine over. I've got a 3foot breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt and all I seem to be achieving is rolling the engine around on the floor.

Any expert opinions?
:eek:Ahhh no and yes...

I didn't gap the rings, but I did turn the engine over after each piston was fitted. It was getting progressively stiffer after each piston was fitted, which I put down to normal friction with the new parts....

Bu66er... So that'll be me removing the pistons tomorrow lunch time then.. :( That'll teach me not assume things

2 questions then...

1. Whats the best way to remove the rings from the pistons with out damaging anything.

2. Assuming :rolleyes: the ring gap will be too small (?), what do I use to "trim" the ring down. Would a file be sufficient?

Ho humm another lunch time bites the dust... I never realised engine building can be used as part of a calorie controlled diet
Did the pistons go down the bores pretty easily? You should be able to press them down with a piece of wood or pull them by the con rod. If you had to tap them down, they are too tight.

Try slackening the big ends to make sure they aren't at fault. You did fit the right caps to the right rods and the right way around? Any numbers to the same side, cut outs for the shell locators together?

Pistons needed a light tap to go down the bores but I didn't think it was excessive.

When I dismantled the short motor I put each cap back on its respective rod as I took them out. When I fitted the new pistons I did one at a time.
All the caps are fitted in the same orientation, there is a possibility that I could have got a con rod the wrong way round (not end to end :D) as I did get interupted at one point.
A light tap is fair enough.

Slacken the big ends off one at a time and see if it loosens off. A slight bit of nip can stop it turning. If it does loosen, check the bearing for marks, like a twisted or bent rod, the white metal could be marked at one side.

Will do..
At least I've got four spare rods from the Disco's original engine if one is U/S

Thanks for all your help Chris, much appreciated
:banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2 :banghead2


Guess who managed to get all four big end caps the wrong way round :eek:

Yes I am a muppet....

At least it turns over nice and sweetly now.
They are machined out bolted together, Benji, you have to make sure they go together the same way.

At least it was a simple error and you can carry on.

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