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300 Tdi T seals


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Can anybody confirm whether Land Rover replaced the T seals on later 300 Tdis with silicon? I only ask because mine are leaking (again) and I am getting just a teeny bit fed up of replacing them
They are the seals, vaguely T shaped, that are fitted to the sides of the rear main bearing cap. Originally cork on the earlier series engines, latterly rubber and I had heard a rumour that they had been deleted in favour of a bead of silicon.
Are the T seals easy to replace ?????

Is it a major engine strip down job or can they be changed in situ ????

They can be replaced with the engine in situ, it is just a frequent job and requires the dropping of the sump, the replacement of the main bearing cap retaining bolts, and the use of special tools to ease the T seals past the lip on the base of the block.
Special tools ?????

Do you mean a screwdriver !!!!!

No I mean the tapered blocks that bolt to the gasket face of the block and ease the T seals past the sharp edges of the cylinder block casting without damaging them.
Unfortunately I only have the two hands so cannot ease the bearing cap into position whilst simultaneously easing the seal into position with a screwdriver on both sides at the same time.
So I usually borrow the blocks from the Workshop of the local dealer, presuming that they aren't using them of course
I understand how you feel Its soul distroying to see the oil pi**ing out as quick as you can fill it....I had this problem on my 200tdi and because of the way the ladder frame is attached it meant engine out Again :eek: .

Having started off my working life in the trade and tons of rebuilds under my belt (although never on a landrover tdi) it really Gripped my s**t to have to ask for help.

In the end to save repeating the job over and over again I took the block to Roland (really nice bloke)at Automotivecomp..who funny enough dosnt use the crappy T seals. He injected them with a sealant and its been fine ever since ...touch wood.... I cant remember exactly what he uses and I cant promise he will divulge the secret to his success but Im sure he could point you in the right direction.....
Good luck
I did them on a 19j fairly straight forward job I used rubber seals, when refitting them I used feelers to ease them back in whilst applying a little pressure to the block.
All in all job was done in about 1hr, I would guess they are the same as the 300 tdi as far as silicon I would guess that would be fine as long as you use a good engine grade type.
I know BSL Brammer do a very good sealer which I used on the sump it was dear for a tube but very good. it was called loctite 5699 as used by a lot of motor manufacturers.
I think if ever I do this job again I will try the sealer, block the ends of the groove and inject can't really see why It won't work.
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