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77/230 Removal, Remove Together or Independantly


Shifting Up
Need to pull and rebuild the LT77 and was wondering if it is easier to pull the LT230 first and then pull the LT77. I guess the advantage would be that they weigh less in pieces?

Depends on facilities you have and amount of help you have. As you have to split them for the rebuild anyway, I'd go that way. I've done it both ways. Last time was in a soft top 110, lowered whole shebang to floor with 5T overhead crane and then lifted 110 over gearbox! Previous case was a disco in a cramped pit where we split the boxes to make them manageable. Also managed it on my own with a series 3 by spliting the boxes, meant seatbox didn't have to come out.
Reading through the manual it says to support the motor under the oil pan when you are removing the transmission and transfer case. Is this only necessary when the transmission is unbolted from the frame and still connected to the motor? I would llike to seal up the motor while I have the transmission out and this would require the support to be removed. One would assume that the motor mounts woud support the weight of the motor?

Anyone have any thoughts on this.

No, engine only supported at 2 engine mounts and can pivot about them, needs third to stabilize. Last time I did hid, used a 4 x 2 across wings with a ratchet strap around flywheel hosing
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