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88" Forward Facing Rear Seats


Accelerating Away
Hello all,

I'm not been here for long. Have actually made some inq's in the Defender when I was looking at getting hold of a 110.
Change of plan - I am about to take ownership of a 1971 88" Series 3 for a nice price. Not new to LR's BTW. About 10 years ago I got hold of a S3 109 station wgn but the arrival of children saw the back of that one.
Now the issue is that I will need to fit some forward facing rears to the load area in order to carry my two terrors about the place. I have seen the Exmoor fold and lock jobs and am very impressed with the look, the safety and the etcetera's. However the price is a little of concern. Add to that they will need to be shipped to Australia.
The question is - alternatives? Inward facing not really an option for kiddy seats in UK. Not sure the laws in Aust, but safety first, laws second in my opinion. Are there any fellow Aussies who frequent this forum who have faced the same issue with successful results?
Thank you in advance with any advice and opinion.
I got hold of a second hand pair of these and to be honest I was irritated by them.

For the seat belt you end up with a large eyelet in the middle of the load space.

when the seats are folded down to use you can't get in to them without some gymnastics as there is no space between them.

For kids the top seatbelt mount is set quite far away as there is a gap between the seat and hardtop side where a small kid can just fall out in the event of any rough play.

My solution was to give up on the folding bit and I opted to mount them on the wheel boxes, butted up to the side of the hardtop. This gave a nice entry and exit corridor down the middle of the back the seatbelts then seemed more effective and the bottom anchor point could be on the wheel box leaving a nice flat floor. If I did need to carry anything large the seat back folded right down and I could load on top of them.

The only disadvantage is the passengers have to sit slightly skewed as so their feet clear the wheel boxes. But I have it on good authority that even a 200 mile trip sat like that was not uncomfortable for the passenger concerned 6ft bloke average build. His comment "It's nice to be next to the window".

If I had, had more time I would have made the seats removable for more load space for when I didn't have the kids. But as both seats had kiddie seats fitted to them all the time there was little point in having the folding element.

So with this in mind why don't you go down to the local scrappy and see if you can get a pair of small front seats and fix them in yourself something from a fiat panda as they are quite small and light. Even a brand new set of rally seats bought locally would do the trick.

Good luck.
Cheers for the advice Mr Ithaca, however we may have our wires crossed, or in the case of your 6'+ friend, legs crossed. The seats I was referring are shown below (image ref - www.exmoortrim.co.uk). Apparantly they come at 475 pounds a pop = 950 pounds for both sides = 950 x 2.5 (AUD) + shipping. I'm told there is enough room to manouvre between two in the sitting position.http://imageshack.us


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This is her/him by the way. I guess I wont know the sex of the vehicle until it shytes itself for the first time (that I know of at least).


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Doh.:rolleyes: I didn't realise that they offered quite such a tecnical rear seat and that seems to address every problem I had with the originals. that they still sell..


Looking at the pictures on the exmoor site and at some of those boat seats one might be able to do the same thing locally all that you would need to make up is a clever bracket that mounted to the galvanised capping.

Or would they (exmoor) sell you the bracket and you find the seats locally?

As for gender they are all ladies until they go wrong then it's whatever comes in to your head.

I do like the look of those seats but for that sort of money:eek: we in the UK could buy a second landrover.:)
Exmoor have just re-jiggered the design of these seats. It appears the base now folds up and the backrest swivels. I preferred the previous design based on the pics. The 90 in the new pic still carries the older seat.


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Hi Ruski.

I believe that the forward facing seats you refer to are now fitted as standard to the new 2007, 90 Defenders.

Check out your local Land Rover Dealer.

May not be much difference in price but worth a look.

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