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A bad thermostat can result in.....

Ed Cheung

Accelerating Away
For the passed 6 months, my DI had been losing coolant about 1 liter for every 500km, and onces a while the temp with move up 3/4 when going uphill at slow speed. Now I found out where the problem was, it was a bad thermostat, further test found out that it can only open 2mm at boiling water for a few minutes.
Anyway, as I saw the water temp started moving up, I turn on the heater at full speed, but this time the water temp. still climb, reach home took the thermostat out, put everything back, check the circulation of the system, the water pump works, but clouds of white smoke coming out from the tail pipe, but no oil in the cooling system and no water in the oil, and no abnormal sound from the engine, nor any tapping sound, so I believe this will be a case of replacing head gasket, right?
A lots of people say that it is not a difficult job for replacing the head gasket, I had never crack open an engine before, I only know how to replace stuff around it, and I am pretty interested in doing it myself, so I do need a lot of advice on this job and what to look for.
In my thinking it will be taking off the manifold, the plemun assemble, injectors and rails the valley gasket then the valve cover, then off the heads, and pull out the gasket. I believe it will be roughly 6 hours to take everything out for a first timer right
And beside the valve gasket and the headgasket, what other parts is worth replacing at this time?
Thanks in advance.
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