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a lesson learnt


Shifting Up
some weeks back i had a conversation with a chap on how to stop your 109 soft top from being stolen he suggested i turn the fuel tap off in the cab so i did this ,, yesterday i spent 2 hours trying to start my 109 , cleaned the plugs points ect , kicked it , nouthing ! sat in the cab crying , then remembered TURN THE FUEL BACK ON
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This is one of the precausions I take. And i Guarantee there is just enough fuel in the lines to get me onto the nearest busy round about/junction where the landy will instantly conk out!

Worst thing I did was swp the fuel tanks position, kept moving the tap to the empty side before setting off.. arghhh!

Your not alone!
You can also disable the ignition system with a secret switch on the supply to the coil, battery cut off switch, etc., also useful.

The trick is to get a routine, everytime you switch off, switch all the things off. Everytime you get in, switch them all on again. It takes a while to get used to, you're guaranteed to forget one and spend half an hour looking stupid in a supermarket carpark.

Glad I'm not the only one to do it then!

About a week after getting my lightweight I flipped the cut over switch to my non existent second tank.

After getting back in and starting up got about 100 yards down the road and stopped at lights. Stuck in the middle lane of 3 lanes. Luckily a nice chap in a rangie pulled up and gave me a tow round the corner. He flipped up the bonnet had a look at the fuel pipes, etc. Worked out what it was in about 5 minutes.:eek:

Really nice chap though, didn't catch his name as he shot off once it had started back up. Cheers if it was you.

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