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Acceptable level of play in Turbo



Been out all afternoon as I finally had some free to get lots of jobs done I've been meaning to for ages.

I decided to check the turbo for play in the shaft, and it did wiggle very slighly when I tried it. It must only be a few mm, is that okay?

I'm a bit paranoid nowdays as a ******ed turbo wrecked my old TD engine.

As long as the Turbine blades don't contact the casing you'll be OK. You can have a surprising amount of play in the shaft before failure.

If you feel it the clearances feels like a couple of mm, in fact the tollerance will be a lot less because youre twisting the shaft axial. even new turbo's veel like lots of clearance. If you want to be sure get a pressure gauge and some hose and a T union, connect the gauge (0-2bar) in the turbo-wastegate line, if it reeds about 0.6 bar accellerating it will be just fine. If its less first check your air-filter...
As DKT says, you are lifting one end if you move the intake "Fan". The shaft floats in oil, so some play is allowed from new. A few mm is standard in most Turbos.

If you look at the blades, they should be reasonably straight ( also curved in profile ) but shouldn't have bent tips. If they are, there will also be marks on the casing where they are contacting. That is time to change the Turbo.

I've got the boost gauge, just haven't got round to putting it in yet! Story of my life..

Thanks for the advice Chris, I'm glad it's not that bad yet :D
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