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Adding Extra Central Door locking Switch


Big Landy Fan
Hi All,

I want to add a push button switch inside the Cab of my RRC 92, to activate the central locking mechanism of the doors. Looking at the '93 Service troubleshooting it says that (if i'm reading this correctly) a momentary +ve voltage should be seen on Pin #4 of the door actuator when the locks operate.

My question is -

a) if I connect onto a permanant live (thinking of using one of the live's for the window switches in the center console), and a push-to-make switch, attached to Pin #4, should that do the trick, and if so, should I add an in-line fuse, and of what ampage?


b) Has my brain fried, and i'm missing something vitally obvious here?


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I can't help with the tech aspects, but I'm curious as to why you want to do this. If it's to be able to unlock all doors in an accident, then fitting the new AS10 LR alarm system (twin button fob, £270 from www.remotekey.co.uk) has auto unlock in an impact. It also has a host of other major improvements over the original alarm fitted to the RRC, and only takes 5 minutes to swap yourself.
For ease of locking doors - getting to the buttons are a bit tricky in a hurry, and it's a nasty world we live in!

Thanks for the alarm info however, as That'll save me posting again for next project!
my classic had a toad cat1 alarm, which featured "anti hijack" whereby the doors lock after a certain time the engines been running....

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