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Advice really needed

Emmy poo

In Third Gear
Well where do I begin...I know at the start,

Well beautiful day, sunshine, stereo blasting......done all the jobs needed at the yard, trundeling back and Landie makes no sound but dies
Managed to get off the road, to tend to her......
Well this is where i need your help....me being a novice.

As i scooted down the road i placed her into fourth and nothing no pull nothing but a wiring when the i let the clutch up
Her gears have been quite sticky....with a small amount of grinding when placed into first or second.....so i thought the gear box had gone....horrid thought....but with the clutch depressed the gears still ingage....mmmmm first brick wall hit......Then when you lift the clutch...There is a noise....like a wiring.....Could it be the clutch??
But the thing that gets me thinking its the gear box is because there is NO pull in her.....she wont move at all whilst on (and yes hand brake is off).

Phoned a guy i know that has worked on landies, he said it could be the drive train!!!!
http://www.landroveraddict.com/smf/Smileys/default/als5.gif scary word but he cant tell me with out looking at it, but cant because to busy

So an hour or so later a low loader came to pick me up and off she went on the back, back home and is a poorly girl

Someone has turned round and said its terminal....not worth spending the money get rid...... .....sell her on to someone who can work on it
I need your advice guys of what it could be.....I know i probably have not explained myself well......but i honestly are so confused by it all that im stumped

Can anyone help a damsel in distress?
Has the High/low lever been knocked in to a neutral position?

Does she move in 4wd?

Do you have an overdrive is this in neutral?

Give those a go and report back.
Just a thought - has the HI-LO lever slipped into neutral? Can you get drive in LO range? Pump this lever back and forth a few times to ensure selection (with the clutch down).

The whiring noise (if it occurs when no gears are selected) is normal, and probably means the clutch is OK - it is probably the sound of the G-box mainshaft turning when connected to the engine.

If there is no drive even with the HI-LO lever engaged, then pop the centre seat panel to reveal the transfer box. There is a small rectangular panel on the top (held on with 4 bolts). Remove this to reveal the main output gear. If this turns with the engine (when in gear), then the problem is in the transfer box - if not then its the gearbox. Watch out for oil splash!

Gearboxes are replaceable - it is just a matter of money! Depends how much you want to keep the poorly girl.
Thanks guys will try all suggested....shes my pride and joy and really dont want to get rid of her....worked and saved very hard for her......will have a look asap and repor back
First of all dont listen to people who tell you problems on series landies are terminal, they are usually people who like new cars, and dont think its worth spending money just because a cars old. Everything is repaceable on a landy, and everything, well 90% of things can be done on your drive, given enough patients and a green bible/haynes manual.

Listen to the advice above, its so simple to overlook the obvious. Does the engine run ok?

Put it this way if the gearbox has gone you can get a good second hand one for 250 or less, and that should be the gearbox and transfer box in one lump, still connected. If you do it yourself you are looking at 2 days work with help, for a novice. Its quite easy, it just takes time to undo all the rusty nuts and bolts.

So you can stop worrying now, you dont have to scrap your pride and joy.

After you have answered the questions posted to you, we will be in a better place to give further advice.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As has been suggested, try the red knobbed :eek: lever, to check it is not in neutral, and you could also try to press the yellow knobbed (not as funny) lever down, and see if you get drive that way. A half shalf could have snapped - although they normally make quite a loud noise when they break, which you would probably have heard.

Don't dispair - nothing is impossible with an old Land Rover.
If there isn't joy with the selector in low, then i would be inclined to say that the gearbox layshaft or mainshaft. has gone. But there is lots of SH gearboxes around.
As the Lads have said, check the levers first.

Sounds like you have been having some clutch trouble, with the gears crunching, that is caused by drag. It might be a centre plate fault. Cars from the 1970s and 80s were prone to the centre ripping out of the sprung hub.

Start with usual tests, chock the front wheels. Hand brake on. Jack up one rear, try to turn it, and see if the prop turns, if the wheel does and the prop doesn't, it's rear axle fault. If it doesn't turn,the axle is OK, next check, let the hand brake off.
Put it in 4th gear, try to turn the wheel, the wheel should lock up. If it doesn't, take a bung out and see if the gears are turning.
If they are, the clutch centre has gone or the input shaft has failed.

You need to find out what works, so you can cancel it out of the equation.

right guys it seems to be the transfer box :( openend her up no oil!!!....i guess this means a whole new box al round gears and all!!!!
No need for a new box, take it off of the gearbox and strip it down and replace any bust seals and worn out bearings. I rebuilt my transferbox, just reading the haynes manual. Its is suprisingly straight forward.

When I did it I left th egearbox in situe and just dropped the transfer box off, and under the landy. Much lighter without the gearbox bolted onto it. I did it all on my own too, and Im no Arnie Schwartzenegger.

Give it a go you may suprise yourself.
There is plenty of members aorund Surrey to give yo a lift out with it, if it is too heavey for one,,

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