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air conditioning problems


In Third Gear
Air conditioning works fine, but will suddenly stop working (compressor will stop running). After a period (next day, for example), the system will start working again??? Any suggestions as to what my problem is?

I would start with the obvious first (unlike me) wifes merc ml kept doing this i couldnt see anything wrong, the air con fan fuse had blown doh!

If that works i would get the gas checked.

The compressor works intermittantly when it cycles, it doesn't run all the time.( which you probably know, but will save a question later)

If it works first thing, then stops, it will be a problem on the gas. There are either 2 switches or 1 dual acting switch. They are for high and low pressure. If the gas is a bit low, it will start the cycle, but cut out after a short while. If it's too high, the system cuts out to stop things bursting.

The system stops by cutting the feed to the compressor clutch.

If you can control the temperature manually, make sure you don't turn it to the flat out cold position, that overloads it. Turn the control to about 2/3 and it should run all day, and keep the windows closed, you cool the truck, not try to cool the atmoshpere.

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