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Air flow meter checking


In Third Gear
Have got two RR and of them takes about 25l / 100kms...which is HUGEEEE:D :D :D and does not start very well.
So have changed distributor cup, rotor, HT leads, plugs, air filter but it did not solve the problem. Have been told it could be the "air flow meter", today I unplugged it and it did change anything on the way the car works, could that be the problem? Could it be dead?
Thanks for your advise, Fred
Hi Chris,

Actually it is a 3.9l from 12/1993, is it the same? Finally smell at the exhaust compared to the other one, seems to smell petrol" actually, possible, Fred
3.9 will be a hotwire AFM, not sure how you diagnose problems with those, there's no moving parts.

However, I wonder if at 1993 it might have had cats and lambda probes? A common cause of excessive fuel consumption is failed Lambda (Oxygen) sensors. That can be fairly easily checked with a decent multimeter.
Love your number plate but is it not a BMW :)))
THanks for the advice, you are right it has cats! Can I remove the "air flow meter" from the working car which has no cats on that one to make a try and see if it runs better? Anyway how do I check the Lambda and where is it located? Would anybody has schema for me? Thanks, Fred
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