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Air intake fittings (side of wing) Part numbers?


After almost drowning the 90 last weekend, I've bought myself, well I've bought the 90 a snorkel.

Problem is, it looks like I need some more bits to make it fit.

The snorkel is designed to bolt onto the air intake on the SIDE of the wing, just above the height of the wheel, between the door pillar and the wheelarch.

Problem is I don't have an air intake there!
My air intake is just a 10" or so pipe that sticks out at 90 degrees from the air filter housing.
I've been told that all the early 90's had this and it may have changed when the TD's were introduced.

So, seeing as I've now got 3/4 of a complete snorkel kit, I need to make it work.

The easiest way I can see of doing this is to get hold of the parts I need under the bonnet. Cutting a hole in the wing is no problem but I need the part that goes on the inside of the wing and the pipe that joins this to the air filter.

Anyone able to let me know the part numbers/names

And if anyong had these parts I'll rip their arm off :D
Scrappy? The later wings were pressed with a recess that the bits fitted to but I'm sure it won't make a huge difference. The 2 parts clip together very badly and include a dump valve so it all needs lots of silicone sealer on assembly.

As an alternative why not use a snorkel fitting that goes thru the wing top like the early ones did. Swap your snorkel for one of them?
Think I've sorted it:D

The snorkel suppliers were very helpfull and apologised that I wasn't told some "mods" were needed.

Basically I need to weld a small piece of tube to the snorkel and bobs my new uncle.
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