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All Terrain Tyres


In Fourth Gear
Hi everyone i am in need of some advice I have the choice of the following tyres.
I intend to use them for mildish offroading , overland trips , towing and daily use.
Milage is not an issue as i only do about 5000 miles per year any advice or opinions either good or bad appreciated. oh size will be 235/70/16
For limited mileage, GT Radial's Savero ATs are a good budget option. Performance off-road isreally good, but they don't last like th eBFGs appear to.
Couldn't comment on the other tyres, but I have the Wranglers in that size on my Disco, they last a good while, comfortable on the road, I also do a bit of towing and they seem OK for that. I don't do musch offroading, but it is a farm vehicle and they seem fairly capabe. Only £60 for a new tyre as well.
What about Colway ATs? A copy of the BFG ATs, in a slightly softer compound which means they wear faster but cost half as much - and I've had a set on for years! They have been excellent off-road, better than most other supposed ATs I've seen including Cooper so long as it's not too claggy or deep (only proper muds will cope then), great on-road, wet or dry, long speed runs, carrying loads, everything - NEVER had a problem with them, and they do 235/75. Can't recommend them enough, and never mind the fact they are re-treads, they are not the re-moudls we knew of old. Truly excellent budget tyre; the only reason I'd lash out on BFGs is that I can'y get Colways over here!
AT2,s are a good all round tyre choice with good handling on the tarmac and good grip and cleaning off road,have a set on a disco with 30k miles not showing much wear :) :) . The goodyear originals lasted 20k
I fitted 235/70x16 on the 300tdi last week and 2 of the goodyear taken of were out of round :( with bulges and no obvious sign of damage to cause them
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