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Annoying light problem


In Fourth Gear
Evening all.
Just a quick one really, are the high beams on the same fuse as the normal dipped and side lights. Only asking as on the way home tonight when I put the highbeams on they didnt come on and I was plunged in to darkness ( I think the side lights were on but they are next to useless any way) the blue warning light did come on though, but on pulling back on the stalk as if to flash someone nothing happens appart from the blue light lighting up on the dash. Any ideas as to where I should start looking?

Thanks in advance

Have a look at the switch on the column. Mine did exactly the same, and it was a connection in the switch that had snapped at the terminal. You'll probably need to take the steering column shroud off...
Hi, I removed my steering column shroud and found it was also the switch that caused mine a problem. Hope you find the source soon.
Just had a poke around with the multimeter and the switch appears all ok, the blue warning light comes on when the lever is pulled or pushed, the normal lights go out but the highs dont come on.
Checked on the actual light and nothing there for high beams so I guess there is a broken wire somewherealong the way from where the blue and white wire splits to the warning light and the 2 high beams up front.
hi, l had the same problem on kyzers slll. l replaced the whole switch mech, l found that the terminals inside were not competing the circuit.

all sorted now
I have traced the problem to a bodged repair in te wireing under the front slam panel where the wire spilts to the 2 front lights
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