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Anti-freeze mixture type?


In Third Gear
;) So far my RRC has behaved itself since purchase 5 months ago! But need to flush the rad and refill. Manuals say use Duckhams Antifreeze and Summer Coolant. Can't get hold of this and there are loads of other alternatives. Can anyone suggest what works for their V8 3.5 Efi.
Shuld I use Ionized water, Distilled or plain old tap water?
i use plain tap water and standard antifreeze from local motor factors in a 50 / 50 mix. just make sure it is safe for the ali block.
Personally I'd use distilled water - especially if you are in a hard water area!!

The minerals in tap water can cause internal corrosion and destroy some of the additives found in antifreeze solutions.
And in hard water areas you can get lime scale build up - just like in your kettle!!

As for make... I usually use BlueCol or Halfords Antifreeze (quite cheap with a trade card, and not bad stuff!) with a 50/50 mix in all of my own cars and any other cars I change the antifreeze on.

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