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Anti-spy/tidy up computer stuff


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I know we have some clever computer people on here so here goes

I was talking to someone the other day about anti-spy software, i.e. to go and look for spy ware on your hard-drive - and they said there was a good one they used that you could down load for free - but I can't remember the name of it - something widow? or is there anyother programs you recommend?

Also when I come to shut the computer down -it used to take a few seconds - the usual windows is shutting down etc - now its like go away make cup of tea- have some sleep then it might have shut down - any ideas?

Thank you in advance
dont know about your shutting down thing but for adware i use ad-aware se , spy bot and avast.
all free to download.
i also use windows firewall which is better than most people like to let on.
Its a virus not a spyware. I can not remember what one it was but theres a windows update to stop it, but you need a removal tool to get rid of it. It uses a flaw in windows to work.

Go to www.symantec.com and run a scann of your Pc and it should tell you what is causing it and then do a search for the removal tool.

I use adware as well, occassionally I use STINGER.exe (free to download) these like all the rest are only effective if you keep then upto date, and ensure theat they are scanning the entire drive not just sections of it or excluding files of particular extensions. For AV I use Norton.

This is Microsofts latest weapon against nasty compootery bugs ...


another page of usefull bits -


also have a look for the MS Baseline Analyser - it will tell you eaxactly what updates are needed, and should take care of the slow shutdown
Have run both my normal Anti-virus and just gone and used the on-line from symantec and both return - computer ok, no virus
Go to windows task manager when you are ready to shut down, and see what is running, in case you have something that takes a long time to shut down.
Do you have any programs set for automatic updates at the time you normaly shut down?
These programs act as spyware cleaners:
Ad Aware
Spybot S&D (Search & Destroy) this site has a great picture tutorial

This program attempts to prevent spyware infections:

* Spybot S&D has a feature to also prevent, check the tutorial

Great program to fix errors that most regular people wouldn't know of or touch:


Check to see if there are newer versions of the programs out, not just the definition files. Newer versions fix bugs and exploits that they find. A friend was using an older version of ad aware, and was happily updating the definitions... it wasn't catching the latest issues. If you are unsure, gop to Download.com

As always, before you install the latest version, UNINSTALL the older version so no issues decide to popup due to conflicts.

BTW, doing a scan in Windows catches a lot... but doing a scan in "Safe Mode" catches even more! First make sure you uninstall the old programs, and install the newer ones, and then get ready to get into Safe Mode.

Safe Mode is basically Windows running without all the fancy bells and whistles in the background, and no hidden crap starting (and this is applicable to all versions of Windows 95 - XP).

To get into Safe Mode:

Turn your computer on, and immediately start tapping the 'F8' key until you see the menu prompt. You have options to log into your computer. Safe mode, Safe Mode with networking, and a few other options.

I usually prefer Safe Mode with Networking, meaning that you have Internet access. You can not install or uninstall a program in Safe Mode, but you can run program already installed on your computer.

Anyways, run through the above programs, and you will see things that may have been missed.

Good luck!

BTW. for a great free onlie scan I would try Panda Antivirus

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