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Any Advice?


Hi Guys!

I have been looking for a low mileage 300tdi 110 station wagon for some time now... and the following has popped up...


I am quite interested, so I would appreciate your advice... Does anyone have any experience with any ex-national trust vehicles?

I am not too fussed about the intertior... I think at that price you cant really complain...

however, i need the mechanics to be good...

as usual... your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

At that mileage the mechanicals should be fine, but if they let the seats get that tatty, and don't even bother to wash it for the sales photos, I would be very careful in checking for all the usual rot: door bottoms, rear safari door, top corners of the bulkhead, rear cross member, outriggers, etc. The blurb says its all A OK but alot of these thing go hidden as the rot occurs on the inside, then all of a sudden it erupts on the surface and all hell breaks loose.

My main worry is who is selling it on behalf of the NT? Surely they have a proper fixed asset disposal method, rather than asking some chancer to put it up on e-Blag for them...

...But if its half as good as they say it is then for the pric eof some Exmoor trim seat covers you could have a really nice 110.

PS. Just note that those freestyle allos, AFAIK, are not sufficiently rated to take the weight of a fully loaded 110SW.
These vehicles generally have a VERY rough life. I would check the lower rails of the chassis very carefully indeed. look for dents and even split welds.

Also, they tend to live with there axles in peat and water a fait bit of the time. Check the drain holes are clear and not bunged up like mine were, thus preventing acidic water from draining out.

Also check for damaged steering rods etc as there are usuallt lots of tree stumps on NT property.

Got to say that it does look very poor condition inside, not normal for a NT vehicle.

Just be careful....
Mine looked in worse state with twice the mileage but turned out sound but then again I wouldn't have paid 5000 for it either and towed it away for nothing and spent a grand n half bring it up to spec. So expect to spend about 1500 on top.

have to add that it looks like it had a hard 55,000 miles doesn't it ?!?
Thanks for the advice guys.. please keep 'em coming...

Stephen, i am fully aware that this truck will need spending on, and I am willing to spend another 3500.. totalling 9K, and thats not too bad according to my thinking...

the seller seems to know the owner of the truck and he seems to have sold one or two other landys on eblag...

his response to me:

The cambelt was changed in May 2006. The chassis is absolutely sold with no holes or major corrosion. The rear crossmember is muddy & has surface rust but again no holes or major corrosion. The vehicle was owned by The National Trust, the UKs largest charity, and is therefore guaranteed hpi clear & never been in any accident. the v5 has been sent to dvla to record change of address to the park where i work and should be back soon. i've known this vehicle from new & have worked with its driver for many years so know it well. it is a working vehicle so please remember it's not pretty but has been maintained exceptionally well. let me have your email & i will happily send you as many photos as you require direct....
9k for a 97 110 ? your joking right?

not really :)

if its mechanically sound i'd go for it... new interior... new paint... new suspension... new wheels and tyres... bigger intercooler, winch...

before you know it together with other bits that need replacing you can get to 3.5K
i will think about it :D are you serious?

you dont want a lovely 90?

I think the misses wants the 2nd row seats for in-laws bums so looks like we keep the 110. I shocked they command such a price, I only insured for 4k! The paint job on mine would ruin ur street cred anyway.
hey guys...

i have received some good pics of the underside of this truck... i dont want to post them publicly, but i would really appreciate if some of you can PM me an email address so that you can glance your trained eyes over it....

I am quite keen to buy this truck, but have heard all the warnings... and do not want to throw 5.5K into the sea!

also... are there any friendly fellow forumers in the lake districts that wouldnt mind to pop over and have a good poke around... for your efforts you will get a crate of beer :D

cant you find one a bit closer to home ets?
for that kind of money you should be spoiled for choice and if it were me e blag would be the last place id look.
sorry to double post but ive just had a closer look at the pics.
the rear crossmember looks to be un cared for , if it were mine id have painted that long ago.
the inside of the vehicle is white wich means its been painted , and not very well.
its bogging inside,
whats the price guide say a p reg 110 is worth?
From another web site selling 4x4s.

Landrover Defender 110 CSW 300tdi m reg 1994. Guildford, Surrey

112,000 miles. epsom green with white roof 11/12 seats incl cubby box. Extras incl alloys, uprated heavy track suspension, tow bar, roof rack, a bars, light guards, side runners, chequer plates. uprated intercooler, uprated heater matrix, Kenlowe fan, power plus fuel filter. 10 cd auto changer. Very good condition - service history. 12 months tax and MOT. Very reluctant but genuine reason for sale. £7,995
Mat 07776 250430 Tel 01306 730485 [email protected]
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i think i might be blind staring at the low mileage... :)

i dont really want older than 96 N Reg and lower than 70K on the clock...

most of the other ones for sale around £8000 are usually for a 94/95 tdi with 100K plus mileage - and i will spend at least another grand on little mods...

so what i figure is for 5.5 and another 3.5 i can have a '97 with only 55K...

dont know if my thinking is right?

I am really interested to hear what Bernie has to say (thats if he is lurking around.... :))
hi dont know much but i do know a dog when i see it and that my friend is a dog dont touch it not at that price . thats what i think looking at pics she looks like she has been neglected from the word go
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