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Any FFOC users on here?

Normally when you end up with a page titled Top Websites, it means one of two things.

One, they have forgotton to renew their domain name, and as such it has fallen into libo... and most likely causing panic at their end...

OR two, the site has been hacked, and also is causing major panic at their end.

Though I notice it is only displaying Website not found for me, so, maybe they are in the process of resolving their problem...
Yeah, I meant the Ford Focus Owners Club. My friend gets 'Cannot find server' but I still get referred the other site. Oh well, will just wait and see if it comes back.
Is the site down? It won't let me on, it keeps referring me to a different page called 'Top Websites'.

Just interested as to why you think anyone here would know if a Ford Focus site is up or down?

I dont know the answer to your question, by the way, or mine either come to that.
yeah Im having the same problem...kinda worrying as Im meant to be sending some parts to another member and I cant get her address!
I passed on the information regarding the owner of the website to David, I think he is off to find out what is happening, and hopefully he will let you know as well...
right...found out what has happened. Some one tried to crack the FFOC server, so they shut it down and now cant get it working properly

Gandalf is working as fast as he can though!
It can take some doing to sort out a server after some one has broken the security of it. The hardest part is finding out where the security breech was, to ensure it doesn't happen again.
It is a very good site, really friendly, but access to the technical sections requires a £20 annual subscription (although questions asked outside the technical areas are usually answered as long as its not taken advantage of by asking all the time etc) and you also get discounts in loads of shops; parts, tyres etc and you can use the clubs insurer for cheap insurance.
Are you sure your other car is 1995 Focus? To the best of my knowledge the Focus wasn't introduced until 1997 or even 1998.
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