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Any heating engineers out there?


My boiler (glowworm 38cxi) has cut out due to low pressure (0.5bar) so i tried to top it up but there is no water coming through. Water is working fine on all kitchen and bathroom taps, the valve is turning but no water getting to it. Ive tried the pressure relief valve and thats ok...

its a mystery :( and im getting cold
I'm not an expert...but you should find a smell tap/valve that allows you to increase the pressure.......no always obvious, but have a look at your service/repair manual (or download the pdf from the manufacturers site).

Good luck......I just got my heating fixed after 3 WEEKS without it!!!!...IMHO NEVER BUY AN AGA!!!! very poor backup/support!!!!!
If you are trying to fill up at th right place (Blue knob under boiler). Could there be a blockage in the fill pipework. Does the hot water flow even if it's not being heated.
From my grand experience of installing two Glow worm boilers i had the exact same problem on one of them. If your getting water upto the filling loop inlet but its not filling then i'd say its the filling valve itself. You could try giving it a gentle tap after youve opened up the filling valve as it could just be stuck shut with lack of use. If you can handle it then drain the system via the drain valve and take the filling valve out (two c type clips if i remember) and see if you can free the seal yourself, could get you up and running. Now if its part number 2000801907 then i have one spare that you can have free of charge apart from the £125 p+p, just kidding its yours free if needed.
I'd agree with dirt diggler, mines not a gloworm, but the principles the same and the other night my non return valve stuck shut after I'd just bled the system and needed to repressurise it. A light tap with a hammer solved the problem.

Thanks for all the replies...

I finally managed to speak to the guy who installed my system, and hes told me to speak to glowworm as...yes you guessed it...its a defect in the boiler. They have made a recall for some of the parts, including the fill tap (it shears off inside, so even when you are turning the valve it doesnt open it)

hopefullt glowworm will come out and replace the bits.
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