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anybody ever done this......its great


Extreme Landy Fan
did this a couple a years back....then me and WARD91 did it with water inside...just like a big washing machine


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Re: anybody eva done this......its great

No no no!! thats just wrong.
I've seen it being done, if I had to do it I wouldn't be responsible for the cleaning bill afterwards:D
Re: anybody eva done this......its great

we all went to Swanage one year it was bloody hot, and they take you to the top of this hill and put you in and then give you a push.......i've felt nothing like it, strapped in and hold on tight...we even jumped a few times on the way down......the wife was heard screaming with laughter from the top of the hill to the bottom....the AQUA one they do is free fall....you climb in, and when inside they throw ice cold water in and then push you off the hill.......this time you "try" and stand up, think me and the bro-in-law got about 20yrds and fell over....just like being in a big washing machine......GREAT DAY OUT you've gota do it...
Re: anybody eva done this......its great

That looks really cool and safe, the only similar stunt i did when I was a kid, sometime 12 years ago was to ride huge wiring drums that electric companies used to carry there enormous wires when installing them underground. We used to remove 2-3 planks of wood from the centre so we could fit and then roll around. It's fun when you're between 11-13 years old.
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