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Auto discos...


Someone has offered me an auto disco (98 300Tdi) in part-ex for my expedition prepped 110. I'm tempted as I would actually like a disco but I have no idea about the slushbox. I'm happy I know enough about the rest of the mechanicals, and there's a handy disco thread on this page that's got info on where to look for tinworm, so...

Landy autos. What do I need to look for? Should I avoid them altogether? And is it an easy swap for a manual??
98 TDI will be full EDC engine ie all electric drive by wire

I had a 98 TDI auto slowwww, then had it chipped fasssttt,

Drank fuel just over 20mpg mind this was not pootling about

Auto never gave any bother because i changed the oil every time i done an engine service, only takes 4.5 litre on a change holds 9 litres in total.

Nice around town but does not lock into top until 53mph which was really annoying in a 50 limit like roadworks etc

Give it a drive and see

Hmmmm, it doesn't sound good:eek:

98 TDI will be full EDC engine ie all electric drive by wire

How much of a reliability/driving issue is this? I'm not keen on electrickery gizmos as they're hard to fix and I might want to take it to Morroco. I knew the later 300Tdis had EGR but not a full blown ECU.
The auto box was the best bit of my old disco. Smooth and refined and has a reputation for being reliable. The oil changes are something like every 60k, so chaging it (even half of it) with the engine oil is a bit excessive.

I used to get something approaching 30MPG, but I am a gentle driver. Auto or manual the Disco is slow. It's just a bit slower with the the manual!

Lock-up at just over 50MPH is a pain, I have to agree. But you will get used to it. The auto box does make the 300Tdi fell almost refined by comparison with the manaul box, which shows up just how agricultural the engine really is. I had mine over 3 years and it had done 120k when I swapped it. It had been faultless throughout.

Don't be put off.
Brilliant bit of kit compared to the tractor gearbox in the manual ones.Mine goes very well,but its looked after properly,for the money I cant beat it - off road its ace too .
Unfortunately it's a low mile minter (apparently) and he wants 7k for it:eek: (41k miles, 98 S, GS spec, Epsom Green if anyone wants to comment on the price.) He's the second owner and paid top dollar at a dealer as it was prevously owned by a fastidious old boy.
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