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automatic tensioner causing grief


In Third Gear
For the last few weeks there's been an intermittent tapping coming from the engine bay, almost like the belt has come off and is flailing around. Finally found the problem today while doing a service... it would appear the automatic tensioner has slight intermittent movement in it causing a loud tapping as it twists and flicks back again, has anyone had this problem?
I'm guessing it's the bearing, is this a part I can pick up from paddocks etc?
Will try a bit of WD40 tomorrow morning and go from there. Bit of a nightmare since I'm meant to be heading back to Cornwall tomorrow...doesn't look like I'm going anywhere til this is sorted tho. :banghead2
yeah, they are sealed bearing and so the whole thing gets replaced once it wears. I got mine from lrdirect.com for around 35 UKP. I had to repair the thread it bolts into as previous 'maintainer' seemed to have shredded the alloy thread.
I dunno what engine you got, put I am talking about 300tdi and the part number for the tensioner is ERR4708 and I did in fact get it from paddocks not lrdirect as it was on special offer (and still is) .
Sorry yep, 300 tdi, not sure of exact age since its in an older 90.
Much appreciated, will stop off at paddock's tomorrow.
The tensioner broke on the wife's rover car which gave the same results as a broken belt.

My advice would be get it sorted quick as you never know what might happen.
Have a read on here.


I think Colin has all the information to change the bearing yourself for a few quid.

I remember reading somewhere that this was possible, should have looked into it more as I ended up forking out £50 for a replacement at paddocks today... bugg*er.
Thanks for the help anyway!
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