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Axle Differential Locks?


One of friends has just got herself a Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2TD and I've been put on the insurance. :D

I had a quick shot of it yesterday and I have to say I'm impressed, engine pulls strongly from idle and sounds pretty good. One thing I noticed was it has lockable diffs on both axles and I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to how they should be used. :confused:

Do you treat them the same as the centre diff and lock them whenever crossing slippery ground or wait until you're stuck?

Locked them briefly yesterday on dry powdery snow and all that happened was steering became impossible. It ploughed straight on regardless which way the wheels were pointing...


As you have already found out, only use them off-road as steering becomes very difficult.

In theory it would be better to engage the difflocks before the possiblity of getting stuck so that you should keep going, however doing this risks that you keep going and get even more stuck in the muck!!

When I used to be farming, we always used to engage the difflock when working especially going up and down or across hills, it helps to keep the ploughing straight too. Mind you they would engage and disengage automatically as you lifted the implement and turn so not much thought needed.
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