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Bad CV Joints or What??


In Second Gear
My '95 Classic LWB has approx. 105K miles. While traveling on the highway at about 70 MPH, my front drive shaft snapped at the front ujoint. Yesterday I replaced the shaft and I am noticing the same symptoms that I experienced just before the old shaft broke:
  1. Vibration at low speed - 10 to 20 MPH.
  2. A low hum begins if I drive in excess of 35 MPH but there does not seem to be any loss in performance.
  3. Car shudders a bit on deceleration.
I checked the fluid in the front differential - pulled the plug out of the front of the unit and some fluid immediately began to our out. I only lost a few tablespoons of fluid, but I wanted to ensure there was fluid in the differential. Fluid appears to be dirty.

So, does anyone have any thoughts? I am thinking that I may have one or both CV joints failing. If I turn the wheel all the way to one side and back up, I hear a bit of 'snapping' from the front end...is this indicative of CV failure? If not, where do I begin?

Much thanks in advance!! :D
The "snapping" does sound like a duff CV. Have you checked if the centre differential is seized? If the viscous coupling is knackered, you will be getting wind up between the front and rear axles-that knackered a CV and front propshaft on my truck, and could give the symptoms you describe.
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