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Battery Recommendations?


Big Landy Fan
Hi All,

anyone recommend what the largest capacity battery I should fit to a '92 RRC (With a 300TDi fitted) - the one in there's just not up to the job!

Seems as if someone in the motor's history fitted the cheapest option possible, and if I leave the stereo on for more than 30 mins (and considering how often i'm cursing and swearing at a '5 min' job longer than that, it's starting to become a pain.

Anyhow, Size/Manufacturer reccomendations appreciated.


Anything that is as per the manufacturers recomendations should be ok .
I have 2 Bosch batteries on my offroader from just one wee alternator and it works ok - however i don't have heated screens or , well , even a heater :( .
A lot of the gel filled batteries etc is for the serious offroader .
Sorry , i haven't a clue :( .
I do know that when you go into halfords etc they have a brochure with all vehicles listed - that then gives you the Ampere Hours and maybe something else that the battery req'd is rated to .Maybe check out the bosch website or halfords website .
If you have a Costco nearby and a Costco card they are very very cheap for Bosch batteries ;) .
It's proabably an 069 or 072 which should be fine but you are always better fitting the biggest battery that will physicaly fit. If you can, fit a 664 that is a small truck battery or a Type 31 (031) that is the mother of all batteries as fitted to the latest Disco's and RR's, it is a huge capacity 115aH battery.

Personally I would avoid the Maxxima type gel batteries, little advantage for the extra cost.

I have fitted 2 x 072's to my Disco, linked together, no split charge system might be your better option if you dont have room for 1 large battery.
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