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Bonnet lock?


Any body got any good ideas for a discreet and secure bonnet lock ?...not just a padlock and hasp hanging off the front end ! :)
how about a small chain and pad lock hanging down in front of the rad connected to the underside of the bonnet and around a dumb iron or something?
i know older ninety and one tens had a key on the front to lock the bonnet , then it was changed to a cable pull type thing.
Hasp and padlock hanging off the front may look naff but it is a visual deterrent - don't forget to tell your insurance company you have adapted your vehicle.
The old lock on the front is quite good on mine.. people spend a while fumbling around only to find it doesn't work & you just use the lever. :)
Well I have a tyre and my shovel/pick axe ion the bonnet... If they can lift that then they to strong for me to tackle :p So ill leave them to it..

Nahh would be interested in a hidden lock of sorts Dont like the padlock look either!
My 110 does indeed have a key and lock fitted where the "defender" badge goes. I think it was Rimmer Brothers that had replacement ones...should be a case of ordering one up and cutting the correct hole etc.
Dont like the padlock look either!

I do, but the toerag who inspected my SIII today in Spain didn't personally like them and seemed to think I would want to get rid of them. Or so he said, I think, in Spanish. :eek: But you don't argue when you want the certificate and the sticker to go in the window. See my other thread that I am threatening to write.:D Still like the padlock look myself, :p
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