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Brake light switch - which one?


I need a bit of knowledge

Pictured is my brake pedal box with servo but there was no brake light switch when I bought it (God knows how it got through the MOT). I am assuming the threaded hole at the back is for the switch?

I ordered one for a Series III (with servo) but the thread is too small at c 5/16 (9mm) diameter

Can anyone indentify this unit an tell me what I need to get? I think the thread is c7/16 (11mm)


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I'll go and check mine as it is in the same stupid place, but you look as though you have space to get your fingers in. Did you read about our current issue [thread=80915] here? [/thread]

The nut is 9/16, and a 3/8 socket fits snugly over the top of the threaded piece. I have no tool for measuring true diameter.

We have the Santana part number and the part numbers of the side of the old and new switch, but not sure how much they would help as they are catering for the Spanish market.

Am sure someone must know on here. It is definitely not the same on my S3 where it comes out of the top towards the front in a far more accessible position. Do you have manuals and pix? I will take series 3 pix if you want so you know not what to get!

Cheers, Adrian
Ok didn't see your thread (Doh)
Yep - there's enough space to get at it on mine but yours look a right pain. Is your switch 'push to make' or 'push to break'?
Thanks - totally different to the one I bought then

I have a green bible and the pics don't look anything like mine. This one could be from an RR, defender, who knows? Anyone else know?
The part number for the switch on the servo/pedal box is 575166...but it is a completely different fitting area, its on top of the pedal box, not toward the back.

If you just need it to activate the brake lamps, why not fit the one for vehicles without servos, that's attached to the pedal in the cab.. Any pull activated switch would do, a 12v one for a motorbike even. You'd need a bracket to fix it to, and a spring to the pedal. Seems a lot easier than stripping the pedal box down.... I have added the SIII parts diagrams for them both, you can see yours is nothing like either!

EDIT... Errrr.. your pedal box looks like one from a transit... :confused:


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Just for the record here are diagrams for ours (first one), and also an 88" lightweight.

Not sure what you have, so far it seems to be coil sprung, part series 2&3, and tdi engine.



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God I hope not Big Sandy

T'was a shot in the dark....My friend had one on his SII, same sort of daft design, switch awkward to get at.

I can recommend LR SERIES though, I have had stuff from them, very good service. Fast turnaround.

So, thats a press to act switch, not a pull on switch.

Still might be easier to go for in the cab...pull to act one.
I think its a range rover coil chasis, with a series body and originaly i think it was a sherpa engine that went into it. So Sandy, you might not be far off with the pedal box :)
That pedal box looks like a 90/110 item. Brake light switch for 90/110 is PRC4297 and it fits in the tapped hole that is facing the bulkhead.:)
MM4x4 had all the switches out on the table and I thought it was a 90/110.

I was right - screwed straight in and now I have brake lights.

Thanks to everyone who helped
MM4x4 had all the switches out on the table and I thought it was a 90/110.

I was right - screwed straight in and now I have brake lights.

Thanks to everyone who helped

Congratulations, if only ours was that easy. We are now bleeding the brakes. In fact we started bleeding the brakes yesterday but on the second rear wheel the bleed nipple sheered off so it was off to town to get a new cylinder. That's now back on so we've started all over again this morning. But are we jealous? nah, not a bit. It's nice and sunny, and always useful to refresh your skills.:rolleyes: A&K
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