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Brake lights staying on !!


Shifting Up
When I turn on the lights to my series 3 the brake lights come on. I have adjusted the brake switch but no matter where I set it the brake lights stay on. Whether fully out or fully in it makes no difference. Is it a faulty switch or something else??
I would say this is certain to be a faulty switch. Try taking the leads off the switch and see if the lights go off, this will confirm it is the switch.
Do the brake lights work OK with the sidelights turned off?
If they do then the switch is OK.

If so but they're a bit dim, the bulb may be in the wrong way round, turn it 180degrees to check.
It's easy to put it in wrong without realising:eek: (Mmm,how do I know that)

If none of these, I shall contemplate further ;)
sorry i didnt read the question properly :banghead2, yes if the lights work ok with the sidelights off it is not the switch.
Check you have the right bulbs in, not got a single contact or something ( I know they are offset pins, but it does happen quite a lot, we have a hell of a job getting them out.;))

You have a feed back. Try changing the bulbs in case one has shorted inside.
Check the contacts aren't touching or bent.

You could get someone to press the brake and see if the front lights come on, you won't see the rears as they are only 5 watt, the brakes are 21.
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