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Braking on its own


First Gear
Hi there i was wondering if any one help me i have a 1992 defender 90 td. When i was driving it to work this moring it sudenly felt like the the hand brake whent on and all the wheels locked up at abut 55mph so i put in the clutch and put my foot on the brakes until it stoped. Onec it had stoped i put it in to 1st and tryed to pull away there was a small bang and it drove fine for the rest of the jerney. Also i have now noteced that on when i take my foot of the accelerater i get a weering nouse unless i put my foot on the clutch. do you thnks it will be a) the hand brake drum on the prop shaft b) the foot brakes on one of the wheels c) the clutch. If any one can help i whold be most gratefull.


if you put your foot on the clutch you remove drive from the handbrake drum but this doesnt mean it isnt turning when you coast along , it is.
Sound like one of the brake shoes binding, easiest way to see which one, take it for a wee spin park it up, feel each wheel and hanbrake drum for heat, this should tell you which one it is.
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