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buying help


In Second Gear
ive been offered a 2.5 petrol 90 on a F around £1800 in good cond unsure of what to do would i be best looking for a diesel ,gas conversion dont know which route to go down 3 kids and a caravan need to be taken into account ill be using it daily but only looking at 3000-4000 miles a year your pearls of wisdom would be helpfull yours a newbie......
A good gas conversion will cost about £1,000, which is more than 50% of your initial cost of the vehicle. It will take a lot of years driving at 4,000miles p.a. to recoup that outlay.

Don't forget that a decent sized gas tank [which you would be best to get if you are towing a 'van] takes up a lot of room, which means less space for the wife 'n kids :rolleyes: .

If the engine is in good health, along with the rest of the car, you should be able to coax a low 20mpg from it without too much effort. For the sort of miles you are planning I would stick with a standard petrol engine.
Cookie don't forget also that if the kids are under 12 they are not allowed to travel on the side facing seats found in the rear of 90s.
As far as getting a gas conversion stay as you are as the outlay would probably out weigh the benefits.
And I for one would not transport my family around with what is in effect a bomb in the boot of my motor, I have seen two go up and it isn't a pretty sight a range rover bonnet was blown 1/3rd of a mile away!! (seen on a fire brigade video)
hope this helps you.
If you're only doing 3-4000 miles a year yet using it daily that means loads of short journeys from a cold start. You are unlikely to achieve over 18mpg for the sort of use you intend, even with economical driving techniques. You certainly won't better 18 to the gallon with a caravan on the back and a load of passengers and other gear on board.
You don't need to spend anywhere near £1,000 to convert a low-tech carburettor engined vehicle like a 90 to LPG. Done DIY, you could do it for half this amount, which changes the economics a lot. LPG would probably save you about 7p a mile compared with petrol so your break-even point would be two years.
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