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c02 on a defender 90


Accelerating Away
Can someone help me

I would like to set up the carb on a defender 90, its a 2.5with a petrol engine and its on a D plate.
I have the co2 reading set on 2.5 but i think for a landrover its low.

Yesterday 23:46Bernie
Could you please tell me the ign timing and what the mars are on the pulley.

With vacuum pipe disconnected:

Dynamic at 2000 rpm = 16 BTDC
Static = TDC

I've attached the info about timing marks

HTH :)
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Thankyou but you have posted the wrong page.
The info i am after is the ign timing, not the valve timing.

I think (off the top of my head) there are four marks (could be 5) on the pully, From left to right what are the marking?

This is now my 90 (to go with my Disco 2,td5) as from friday as my mate has just brought the last td5 defender in the showroom at lr, stourbridge, west midlands. He got a good deal (2 k off list price) so he gave me the 90 as long as i have all his spare for it. I will need a shed for them as he has loads of new parts.... Well i could not say no could i even if the 90 is coming up to its 21s birthday... been well looked after untill...............next week.

I think (off the top of my head) there are four marks (could be 5) on the pully, From left to right what are the marking?
Doh sorry ... :eek: Now, I have hunted high and low and haven't found anything specific on this for the 2.5.

But ... for the 2.25, the five marks are, from left to right, or top to bottom:

6 Above TDC
3 Below TDC

Thats ok, many thanks for your help. I now can get it right. We have it running but it slightley underpowered on a hill local to us.
My mate said he had to drop down to second where before it would fly up in third.
As its mine from friday i will get a book for it..if i can find one..lol

again many thanks

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