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How Do I? Can waxoyl last 30 years ?


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Good evening fellow Land Rover enthusiasts.

With the IIA out of my life, I've started to focus my attention to an ex South African Army trailer that I plan on turning into an off road camper.

Today I did quite a bit of stripping. Part of this big stripdown was to remove the electrical wiring.

According to the VIN plate, this trailer was built in 1977. Yep, it's 30 years old.

We used and abused these little trailers when I was in the army and knowing what we did to them, I looked long and hard before I settled on this one.

The underside has been waxoyled, or treated with some kind of underseal. The underseal has done it's job. From what I can see, there's very little rust on the chassis or axle.

The problem with this bitumen like stuff is that it goes back to it's original state when it get hot. I need to get the stuff off the underside so that I can deal with any niggly bits and send the thing off to be galvanised, but as soon as it gets hot, it melts and there's one almighty mess everywhere.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of this stuff?

Thank you.


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I think any method is going to be very messy!

How about a hot air paint stripping gun, and scrape it off with a paint scraper/pallette knife? Get it warm, rather than hot?

Sandblast it maybe? Would that work?
You might be able to have it dipped in chemical stripper by a paint stripping company - muddybungy had the same done on his hardtop sides before getting his respray. You'd have to disassemble it first, then they'd suspend the parts in tanks of stripper, and then remove them and balst the rubbish of with high pressure water.

I don't know if you followed the Series 3 109" station wagon rebuild in LRM over the past 18 months or so.

They used a product called Screwfix Path and Patio Cleaner to derust anything that needed derusting. Three weeks ago when I was in the UK, I stopped at the Screwfix trade counter in Peterborough and bought two 5l bottles of this stuff as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

I had it shipped out under separate cover and it should arrive here this week. I've seen what it can do to rust and hope and pray that it'll eat the sealant too.


I'll try white spirit if the acid fails. Sounds trippy, don't it :eek:

If the chemicals fail, I'll try the heatgun and a paint scraper.

If all else fails, I'll have to pay someone to mediablast it :(

The nearest caustic soda dip tank is about 90km from where I'm working on the trailer. I had some house doors dipped there a while ago.

Does anyone have any idea what this stuff is?

I'm beginning to think it's black bitumen paint. We used to use that a lot on the farm as a child, but I haven't seen it in the shops in years.
Ive tried blasting it doesnt work, it just bounces off or gets stuck to it.
Chemical cleaner worked on the underseal i had to remove. Score the underseal before you put the chemical on. It gives the chemical chance to soak under.
I think it may be best to remove the thick stuff mechanically

If it is reasonably hard you could run along it with an air chisel with a wide blade. This would leave you with a film to remove with solvent. Anything with Zylene or Toluene. Biodiesel is good as well if messy

if its the same stuff as is on the bottom of my casivac the best and fastest way i found to get it of was to use a very sharp cold chisel or welders hamer and chip of as mutch as posible first or it takes a LOT of solvent to shift it as far as i can trak the records so far the casivac was built in late 69 it still has its original sealant on it except on one outriger that i had to patch thats how come i know how mutch efort it takes to shift that stuff.
Solvent isn't an option anymore.

I've decided to take the axle to the hot dippers "as is" and see what they come back with. Rumour has it they have an acid bath of some sort that gets rid of just about anything.
Probably too late for you, but I find WD40 dissolves underbody sealant pretty effectively. Best for getting the stuff off your hands anyway :)
I get funny looks from people having a can in the bathroom and kitchen, but it cleans thick oil, paint, underbody sealant off better than Swarfega, Lava or anything else I've tried. The WD40 itself is then easy to wash off with conventional soap. Don't think it's the best stuff to leave on your hands, but doubt it's worse than the stuff you're washing off with it :)
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