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Caravan fire...


Extreme Landy Fan
Last night driving home accross the moors there was a Transit parked in a layby unhitched from an old caravan. I spotted a bloke standing near it and flames beginning to grow in it.

I pulled up next to him and checked he was ok and no-one inside, and he said it was all ok as he had taken the wheels off, was torching it, going to refit the wheels and drive off to use it as a flatbed trailer. He said he had a broom and would clear up afterwards. I said ok and drove away noting his van reg.

I stopped out of sight a half mile away and could see it had proper gone up. Anyway I called the Police who said they would attend.

I felt that if his story was real he should be cutting the body up and taking it to the dump only 3 miles away, plus burning it in a public place isn't right environmentally and anyway the grease in the bearings would be fried, so he wouldn't be towing it far anyway.

I dunno if the police attended, but surprise surprise the chassis minus wheels and a pile of half burnt caravan was sitting there this morning.
We 'acquired' an old pikey wagon with a broken chassis ... twas fully kitted out inside so we advertised it for sale as it was. Quite a few people came to look but were put off by the fact it didn't really seem towable all the way down the glen.

One guy suggested I should torch it right there on the drive and use what was left to build a trailer ... seemed crazy to me, the amount of nasty pollution it would cause, quite apart from the fact we are in the middle of a forest, so a bit of a fire hazard!!!

Anyway some guy took it away fro £80 in the end. I suspect he welded up the chassis and sold it on ... :(
Round our way this is a common way of getting rid of cars

Does not half leave a right mess often hedges and banks go up in flames

Blame some of the problems on the "Greens" they enforced loads of legisration on the scrap yard industry years ago, many local ones closed down.
One of my pet hate's this, there really is no need for it, trouble is the Police will do sod all as usual, considering the amount of this sort of thing that goes on how you hardley ever read about anbody being prosecuted for it:Bloodymad

The wife reported ten black bags of rubbish chucked on a local playing area to the council who said they would come and get them, two week's later there still there except most of them are torn now and all the rubbish has blown away into the fences and the sea,what is the point i ask you?
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