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Carbon neutral

Andrew Swift

I cant get my head round all this, yes things are changing they always have, some people agree with global warming, some dont, I listened on the radio this morning to a discussion on making things "carbon neutral" and I cant help but think at some point some one will say "but the kings got no clothes on"

Am I being too sceptical?

I think the term 'carbon neutral' is one of those silly little media phrases that mean absolutely nothing, if we abolished carbon from the planet there wouldn't be much left:rolleyes:

cheers, Tim
The whole "carbon neautral" thing just seems to be a way for the governments around the world to sell the b/s to their voters that they are being green and saving the planet.

When in truth all they are doing is keeping their party backers happy by allowing them to trade their carbon output to a country with low carbon output and not actually having to clean up their act at all.

One big bloomin con.
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