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Centre console (around the gear levers)


Extreme Landy Fan
The February 2007 edition of LRM features a 90 that was tricked out by JE Engineering.

It's got a really interesting centre console that aparantly cost £700 :eek:

It not only covers the transmission tunnel, but also the fuse box and meets up with the dashboard.

That space in front of the fuse box looks ideal for mounting extra guages or an LCD screen.

I'd like to find out as much as possible about this item. Has anyone got any information on it or managed to build something similar?
I don't know specifically about the one in last months LRO however Ashcroft Transmissions do a copy of the NAS one for autos apparently for something close to £400 which might be of interest to you?
Have a look on their web site and see if its mentioned.
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yes i would love one for my auto mod. but a bit pricy so biult this little one


  • console 1.jpg
    console 1.jpg
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I like that thing. It's not quite as nice as the one in LRM, but the picture is better.

I can use that picture to make a wood mould and then la fibreglass on it.

Thank you.
Yes i thought the same make a mould, the thing with the v8 console is it only fits 90s with the bulkhead remove so a bit long for mine,but when the summer comes will give it ago but make it a little shorter(use mdf)
My past experience of moulds is that the fibreglass undergoes some major changes during the process of curing and that it gives quite a bit of heat off.

Would MDC be up to the job?

I'm thinking more along the lines of a harder wood and getting my pet pattern maker to make the thing for me.
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