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Changed Thermostat.. Wow!


So whoever told me 200TDi's generally ran cold, probably needed their termostat changing too then!

I finally got round to doing it, looks like it'd been duff since I put the motor in there a year ago!

Now it shoots straight up to horizontal and stays there, whether its 70 down the dual carriage way, or just pottering round at 30. Brilliant! I guess that's more normal? It was leaning slightly further towards the red when I was doing the 70, is that correct? Remember I've still got a TD gauge with the 200TDi sender. BUT when I looked up gauges there was only one part number.. so do they really need to be matched? Or does the resistance in the sender just make the needle sit in the different places?

My experience is that they do need to be matched. I had a 200tdi engine in what was originally a TD and the gauge read very high. It was almost in the red all the time. Rather than mess about trying to match sender and gauge (as I couldn't find an obvious idiots guide) I bought a TIM gauge which reads in degrees C and comes with its own sender. Now I know that the engine running temp is about 75 - 80 degrees C. I have a 80 degree thermostat in so thats about right I think.

If you are sure your engine is not over heating and the gauge is reading normal then it sounds like youre OK but if there is any doubt I'd try and get a matched sender and gauge.
It wasn't anywhere near the red. I do have a brand new radiator in there, and it sticks to pretty much the same temperatuer apart from that slight increase when I thrash it...

As the sender is only a couple of quid, maybe I will match it and see. However, I have reason to believe, the resistance in the sender is what matters.. The gauge just displays whatever voltage it gets in, so there is only one type of gauge. Thats certinaly what it looks like if you try and buy one from various websites.. I could only find one part code for all the years.

If anyone else has any more info it would be appreaciated.

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