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UK Chassis swap time :(


Time for a new chassis i am afraid and i was wondering if there was anyone in theis area (NE Scotland) or indeed Scotland that has done this themselves and would not mind me asking them daft questions????

Its a 300 TDi 90 that needs doing....

Cheers in advance

Several???..Show off!!..lol

I am just starting to work out what I need, where I am going to do it and when. So far I have got nowhere!..lol

Biggest question has to be, am I better taking the body off in one, in three (roof and sides/rear tub/front) or stripping down bit by bit?

Bits that I am not sure of are things like electrics..presumably its a case of unplugging wires and labelling them all..and the hydraulics for brakes and clutch...do i just snip the lines and replace upon completion?

Also, there is loads of stuff bolted to the inner wings..again..do i just disconnect hoses and wires and lift off the top?

How you do it depends on what facilities you have, how quick it needs to be done and if you'r going to change any other body parts at the same time..

If you have a means of lifting and supporting the body, the quichest/easiest way is to lift the body complete, roll the chassis out, swap the bits over to the new chassis with new brake pipes, bushes, bolts etc. all round (as/if required)

As they say in all the best manuals, reassembly is the reverse of disassembly!!

If your on a mission, with a squad who know what they're doing, its do-able starting at 1800 on a Friday by driving the 90 into the shed and should be done by 2000 on the Sat.

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