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Cheap Tracker for cars etc..


After reading of car thefts on here. I was flicking through a bike mag, in Kwik fit and came across a letter that said a cheap vehicle tracker can be done in the following way...register a cheap payg mobile with a phone tracking service and leave it/hide it somewhere in the vehicle. Just make sure you keep it topped up. I have an old Nokia that is ideal as the battery lasts a week.

I found this one tracking company. There are plenty more if you google.


Looks quite a good idea to me.
Heard of mobile tracking, but never thought of this aplication. Thats a fantastic idea! You could always take a 12v supply and have the phone permenantly on charge.. Or just have it so it charges when your using the car!

Set it up to auto answer on speaker phone and tell the guy to pull over or it will explode (best to keep it silent but fun anyhow)
Thats a pretty damn good idea really. Unfortuntaely I dont think there's anywhere in my car I could hide it where it wouldn't get muddy/wet or have no signal! :D
This is the best thing Ive heard since my old man returned from town in 2004 and said "James, have you seen that Defender for sale around the corner???" ;)

Superb idea. Imagine tracking it with 5 rented heavies armed with spiked bats knocking on a low lifes door at 2:00 am..... " Ive come to pick up my 90.... [THHHHHHHHHWACK!]

Me and my imagination!:p

Mine's a little more complicated than that, but also doesn't rely on a third party to give me its location.

I had a computer and GPS in my Discovery although I haven't hooked it up in the 110 yet. The plan this time around is to have the wifi card look for open access points and whenever it finds one, automatically upload "breadcrumbs" of where it is, and where it's been. I have a webcam I'm probably going to hook up in there somewhere and if I get particularly creative and for some reason have the time I'll set that up to upload photos too.

You could do all this with a mobile connection on the computer too but I don't have the $$$ to pay for monthly fees for what would basically be a toy.

Leaving a mobile phone in the vehicle is a lot easier though, I'll give you that.

- Andrew.
Only problem you'll find is the triangulation on mobile phones is not that good, it all depends on how many transmitters there are in the area the phone is. If you have ever used one of these sites/services you'll find the area they advise the phone is can be 500mtrs+ in dia

If you do a search on ebay there are a few mobile phone devices that will alert you if the "asset" is moved, prices starting at £29.99 last time I looked
Accuracy of mobile phone tracking will vary depending upon the number of mobile phone masts in the area of the phone. In central city areas accuracy can be within 100 meters, whilst in rural areas accuracy can reduce up to 10 kilometres, particularly where the mobile phone signal strength is poor. This is the same for all mobile phone tracking solutions.
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