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chequer plate kit what fittings do i use?

chris abell

In Fourth Gear
hi, just bought a chequer plate kit to fix onto the bottom of my doors all i got though was 8 pieces of chequer plate no bolts/nuts etc which i expected to get with them as it is supposed to be a kit. would it be a wise idea to rivet the chequer plate onto the bottom fo my doors, or would the first off road outing result in me losing them all or should i fit them with nuts bolts and washers etc. also i take it if i fit them with nuts bolts etc i will have to remove all the door panels are these hard to remove {whats the best/easiest way} thanks guys. chris:)
Surely Pop Rivets is the most common method of securing checkerplate?

I'm sure there are other methods like the double sided VHB tape that is used to fix plastic trim on the side of cars etc....but rivets would be the easiest and cheapest method.
Just buy quality rivets...cheap ones don't always shear properly and you'll be left with a nasty little spike in the middle of the rivet head.

Nuts and bolts is overkill...to remove rivets you just drill them out.
The other option would be threaded rivnuts.....but again....why would you want to remove the checkerplate anyway?


I have always used rivets to secure my plates with no problems at all. If you do use rivets, make sure you use aluminium rivets.
cheers guys i have fitted the kit today i used quality rivets and was surprised at how strong they are, i was a little concerned at first as to wether i may lose a panel or two when scuffing them about offroading but there fitted on well...:D
Where did you get the kit & how much did it cost.
i had it from rebel4x4 at a cost of £85 for the 5 door kit and it was powder coated in black, looks mint though real good quality, but they also do the kit in natural alloy for £70, im going get the bonnet cover over them next. cheers chris:)
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