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Classic diesel options


Big Landy Fan
I have a 1990 v8 and the motor is tired and thirsty so it is getting a diesel transplant this year. what motors should i be looking at?

the current consensus points towards a bmw 6pot from a p38 / omega which with a few tweaks will hit over 150bhp.

although i am tempted as always to fit a big jap derv

looking for somthing that i can intercool and tweak pressures and pump etc ideally looking for over 150 bhp and well over 200lbs of torque. what options is there for the rangie? i dont want to go the obvious route another fd35 as in my series as these are a little unrefined.
Hi Poodle
. Izuzu do a 4bd1 that is in these 3ton trucks. 3.9 litre DI with 200ib ft and 100 bhp but the turbo versions are more. Fitted by Landrover to ozzy Defenders and is 4pot. The 6yl Cruiser engine would be nice but maybe expensive and with a load of electrics to fit. Even the first versions of these in 80 serier Cruisers on h and j plates make 160 170 bhp. Patrol SD 33 can be found cheap and it can be turboed. It is a six pot and really strong.

The Patrol Td 42 usually commands a high price and can also be turboed quite easily to 150-160 bhp. It has over 200lb ft in N/A Guise. Again six pot truck engine with ultra reliable gear driven camshaft.

Duratorque 2.4 out of a transit? May be ££££.

Does anyone know the actual CC of the 2.5 Turbo Diesel.
Sorry to ask this here, but I can't work out how to start a new thread even though it says I can.
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