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How Do I? clocks.


Extreme Landy Fan
ive got some clocks from a rrc that i want to put into my 90 19jtd.

first is an oil pressure clock, its a smiths clock. on the back are two terminals and a bulb holder. the bulb is self explanitory but the terminals are marked 'B' AND 'T'. so , any clues as to how to wire this up?

next is an oil temp , its got two yterminals with nothing marking them at all. it does have a sticker with 119 printed on it. any clues?

the next is a voltage clock , two terminals on this + and - , do i just wire this up to the battery?

the only problem i can see with these , apart from how to connect them , is making them compatable with a 19j td. they are set up for a rrc , or does this matter?

any help guys would be groovytastic.
You would need compatible senders for the oil gauges. See if you can use the ones from the RRC and replace them with blanking plugs or bolts and copper washers.

The voltmeter could be connected to the battery, but I connected the feed on mine to the switched side of the ign circuits to prevent unneccessary battery drain.

The other gauges can be checked for polarity by connecting one terminal to the battery+ and shorting the other to earth. If the needle rises, you have the correct polarity. If it stays still, or tries to travel the wrong way, swap polarity.
cheers nick , i take it im going to have to tap into the sump for the oil temp guage but where should the pressure switch go?
Both of those senders tap into the oil pump on the V8. presumably its a matter of seeing where the equivalent senders are on the TD and if the drillings are compatible. Although the temp sender is a cheap item, I think the pressure one is a bit more expensive.
cheers nick , i take it im going to have to tap into the sump for the oil temp guage but where should the pressure switch go?

There may be a suitable tapped hole on the oil filter housing for the oil temp. In fact, I think there's two.
For the pressure sender, you'll need a brass T-piece to fit the warning light and guage transducers to the tapping currently used just by the warning light transducer. I'm not sure about what goes where on the filter housing tappings. There is a blanking plug at the front end which might be useable, but I'd want to make sure that it's on the "hot" side of the system rather than the oil cooler's return line side. If it is on the return side, make a tapping in the sump as this will show you the temperature of the oil being suppplied to the engine - cooler return line temperature would give you false comfort.

I used a SIII oil cooler equiped sump, which has two tappings on the left side (one for the cooler return and one for the temperature gauge sender) as well as the standard drain plug tapping on the right. It fits the 12J/19J perfectly as the 2.25 and 2.5 sumps are all identical, but using the 12J filter housing's return line tapping meant I had to blank the spare sump tapping with washers, a bolt and Tiger Seal. You could make your own tapping in your existing sump by getting two nuts that fit the sender's threads, drilling a suitable hole half way up the sump side (left side to keep the wiring away from the propshaft) and fitting the sender with a nut each side of the sump wall, using Tiger Seal to make it all oil-tight. You'll obviously need to do this with the sump of and degreased.
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